Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Third day!!!!

Third day already.
Tonight 9.45pm is third day.
But I still can't find Di Di.
Di Di, I don't know where are you.
If you don't tell me, how do I fetch you home?
Are you really don't want me?
Are our fate stop till here?
I don't want.
You are my tortoise.
You are my dear.
I don't want to lost you.
I really wish you are still alive and come back to home.
Are you want freedom?
Why you don't want to come back home?
I can give you more freedom to walk everywhere.
But please come back to me.
Everyone is care about you.
Have you forgotten your partner?
He now live with Kui Kui, 

because I'm scare he will be lonely and sad and follow you to leave away.
Don't make Pi Pi lonely.
He want you.
Pi Pi can't live with Kui Kui forever.
Kui Kui is belongs to Miao Miao.
Dont't left Pi Pi behind.
Di Di, please come back.
My family and I all are worry about you.
All of us also don't want you to leave away.
Why you forgot all of us?
We all really hope that you can come back.
Even my father also want you to come back, scare you too hungry.
Can't you feel our love to you?
We all love you, because you are one of the bao bei.
Lost one bao bei, we also feel very sad.
Di Di, please come back home.
Don't let us sad and worry about you.

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