Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I Become My Fishes' 接生婆

On 6 December, at night, I found that one fish's ash got a small tail. Then I asked my mother and I knew the fish want to give birth. Then I waited beside silently. After around 5 to 10 minutes, the baby fish finally out. I quickly take it out and move to another aquarium. Soon, one more tail again and baby out again. That day, got 3 baby fishes and I waited till 1am. Luckily, my sister home, can accompany me.

On 10 December, in the morning, 8 baby fishes out from 4 mother fishes, but got one fish already died when out. So pity it is. The next morning, 2 more baby fishes died. In the afternoon, got 3 baby fishes out, but i can't save it and they died. And the next morning again (that is 12 December), before home from Klang, my only one father fish died, and left 4 mother fishes for me.

But I glad to become my fishes' 接生婆. Watching the baby fishes out, very cute and happy. ^_^

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