Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm back

It been two years that I didn't update my blog.
Two years time, lots of things had happened.
Now I was struggling with my assignment,
worrying whether I could pass and graduate on time.
I didn't care my tortoises like previous years
All the tortoises grow up a lot like suddenly
And I didnt realise the largest tortoises has aged 15 years old
And the smallest aged 5.

Really two years time,
many things has changed,
many things include myself.
I still love my tortoises,
But then I lack of time to take care of them.
My parents take over my job,
But then their caring not as well as mine

Many tortoises had hurt and recovered.
It really hurt my heart.
I feel like I tortured them
Like what those bad guy did to their dogs or other animals.
I didnt torture them.

My parents thought letting the tortoises walk in the toilet,
they will feel happy,
because they can play with their friends,
but then some tortoises are big, some are small in size,
when they fight for food,
those smaller size tortoises cant get enough food
and also tortoises like to overlay,
that's mean big tortoises crawl onto the small tortoises.
the pressure an the weight could harm them
besides that, Qiao Qiao like to bite tortoises' leg.
so it is a good chance for it.
But not only Qiao Qiao bite leg.
Some tortoises do that too.

Due to these, some tortoises don't eat.
I bought another tortoises's food.
And also I bring two smallest tortoises to upstair
And take care of them
since there is lack one aquarium.
one tortoise lives in pail
so in case it feel lonely, i bring it to upstair
so that everyday i can see it, it can see me
it wont feel lonely
and sometime i call its name
telling it to eat food

One more things is last year 
I won a third prize in klang parade for pet n I competition.
My tortoises that I took photo with it is Kui Kui, the smallest tortoise,
But I didnt manage to win the first prize to publish in calendar,
but that's alright, i didnt think that I could win.
And also I didnt manage to join again this year,
I was really too busy with my assignment.

I really dont want to further my studies.
I just want to get a simple normal job,
so that I can home like those office lady.
It is a lot of stress
And I couldnt take good care of my tortoises
I dont want to regret for my whole lifetime.

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