Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So Close My 4 Tortoises

On Saturday, I put 4 tortoises into one aquarium.
Because of personal reason plus no water in tank.
I found that they are very close to each other even though different partners or friends.

Kui Kui (left up), Miao Miao (left down), Di Di (right up), Pi Pi (right down)

Di Di (left up), Miao Miao (left down), Kui Kui (right up), Pi Pi (right down)

Kui Kui (left up), Pi Pi (left down), Di Di (right up), Miao Miao (right down)

三叠罗汉[Pi Pi (upper), Di Di (middle), Miao Miao(lower)] plus Kui Kui at the side:

Kui Kui (right hand side) was trying to crawl on Di Di's shell.

(side view)

(front view)

They are trying to become 三叠罗汉[Kui Kui (upper), Pi Pi (middle), Miao Miao (lower)] with the help of Di Di.

(side view)

(front view)

I wanted to frighten them, but seems like no use.
So I take them away from 叠罗汉.

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