Friday, June 12, 2009

Kui Kui and Miao Miao's One Day Trip In Home

Yesterday I brought Kui Kui and Miao Miao out to walk.
They walk from 9pm and Miao Miao back on 9.30pm, 

but Kui Kui back on 11pm.
Naughty Miao Miao still cannot change her habits.
Everytime I take her out, she must give me faces.
As usual, yesterday she gives me faces within 15 minutes.
Then after wash her buttock and wipe away her faces, 

I let her continue walk.
I told my mother that she will give me second time of faces.
It's come true.
She gives me again.
So I forced to take her back.
Or I cannot do my work, but only wipe away her faces.
Kui Kui very guai at the beginning to the before ending.
He walk all the time and play with the holes under cupboard.
He is not like Di Di.
Di Di likes to hide under cupboard and don't come out.
But Kui Kui will go in and come out.
It is his habit, his game.
Then reach 11pm.
I want to bring him home, but I put him down and let him continue walk till I finish my work. I should bring him back to aquarium, but I didn't.
So things happen.
He gives me faces.
He never gives me faces, but now he did.
His faces is worst than Miao Miao.
Miao Miao's faces is soft and watery, but Kui Kui's faces is hard.
It was a special day for me that Kui Kui gives me first faces.

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