Thursday, September 25, 2014

Goodbye Miao Miao

Another tortoise left me this morning.
According to my parents, she hasn't eat for some time.
I think maybe one month.
Because one month ago, Didi left.
And maybe Miao Miao too sad and couldn't eat.
We thought maybe she has the same problem of eye.
But her eye has no problem.
The problem is just she don't want to eat.
The above was her last photo.
When I looked at the photo, I thought she has not leave.
But actually she left.
She was opened her eye and the head looked up.
This is her favourite pose.
And I always know this is her pose.
Besides that, it looked like someone came to take her away.
I dont know whether she left happily or sadly.
But whatever reason it is, it left forever.

Another thing is PiPi was crawled out.
But it was sucked between aquarium and glass door.
Maybe it saw DiDi came to bring Miao Miao.
Maybe it scared.
But it was just my guess.
And I really not sure about it.

Miao Miao,
The dirtiest tortoise I have,
like to give me shit when outing,
like to skate instead of walk,
like to bully(love) Kui Kui.

Goodbye, Miao Miao.
Good Luck.
Final age: 9 years 10 months

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