Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tortoises Sleeping Time

Everyone need to sleep.
Tortoises also need to sleep.
Below is my tortoises sleeping posts.
Some tortoises got 2 to 3 posts, because different time take photo.

This is Li Li "SUPERMAN" 's sleeping post.
Only right hand and leg leg out.

This is Li Li's second sleeping post.
Left leg close to the wall of aquarium, right hand pull to its right leg.

This is Li Li's third sleeping post.
Both legs out, and the right hand pull to its right leg.

This is Qiao Qiao's sleeping post.
Only the head out.

This is Qiao Qiao's second sleeping post.
Both legs are hidden, only the head and the right hand out.
The right hand looks like want to swim.

This is Qiao Qiao's third sleeping post.
The left hand looks like very scare, want to hold to the wall of the aquarium.

This is Kui Kui and Miao Miao sleep together sleeping post.
Miao Miao (left hand side) only have right hand and left leg and head out.
Kui Kui (right hand side) only have both hands out and looks like want to swim away.

This is Kui Kui's sleeping post.
Only the right leg is hidden.
The post looks like want to play kiss kiss with Miao Miao, unfortunate Miao Miao not in front of him and that time is sleeping time.
No activity is allowed.

This is Kui Kui's second sleeping time.
Both legs and tail pull very long.
But the head and the hands are hidden.

This is Miao Miao's sleeping post.
Only the left hand out, others are hidden.
Not exactly looks like SUPERMAN.

This is Pi Pi's sleeping post.
Three things (right hand, left leg and tail) out, and also three things (head, left hand and right leg) hide.
This photo is taken at the first time, other time he wake up already.
So cannot take second or third sleeping post.

This is Di Di's sleeping post (below).
Both legs are placed on a straight line.
Di Di very clever.
Everytime i want to take photo, he know and wake up.
The place is in dark, so only my handphone got little light (flash), but Di Di know.
So difficult to take photo of him.
So now i can take one photo is my luck.

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